Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Ahsen Popasen

Dedicated Paddlers with attitude !!!!!

Ahsen in Nordrheinwestfahlen is a awesome RODEO-Spot for beginners and everyone else :)

Just hang around, train basics or style new learned Moves!!!

You have best conditions: Big eddys on both sides, it is deep enoug (even for the big dagger Agent 6.4), it is sticky but not too much, a low waterlevel is a super level and when it gets higher it is always rockable ....

One Love and thanks To Makki and Arne ;)

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

SlowMo International

Welcome to the Slow Mo Crewww!!! Simon the Scotish WitheWaterWarrior is the next Member and we are very glad that he joins in and can´t wait to paddle with him again!!

Dickes Ding Simon is Slow Motion!!! Wir heißen dich Herzlich Wilkommen und freuen uns Giga auf die nächsten gemeinsamen Touren!!

One Love